The club recognises that an aikido practitioner requires a constant dedication, patience, and persistence when practising the art in order to reach a 1st degree black belt (Shodan).

One must continuously explore, experiment, and evolve his/her aiki tecniques as well as the aiki mind and attitude on and off the matt. Reaching a 1st degree black belt is a milestone and at the same time a start to a journey of a more joyful and mature training.

These are the years when people passed their shodan (1st Dan; Black belt) tests:

1989    Opening of the UNSW Aikido club
1992    Anthony Davies
1994    Allen Iu, Petri Kurkaa, Stephen Hafer, Tony Gutierrez, Glen Davison
1997    Gregor Erdmann, Nandya Hermanto, Carlo Santos, Mark Vic, Jason Lim, Roger Pang
1999    Alan Soriano, David Matthews, David Yu,
2002    Adam Archer, James Khoo, Melissa Sommerville, Stuart Hill, Patrick Fong
2003    Angeline Fong
2004    Alex Chan, Stephen Herborn
2005    Dene Olding
2007    Billy Mok, Hermawan Halim, Kim Hickey, Yevgeny Khiefets
2008    Iven Sanchez
2009    Richard Gray
2010    Alexis Berthot, Morgan Derera
2011    Melissa Sim, William Hendarta
2012    Brian Chan, Evelyn Chan, Vidhya Sethu
2013    Radion Ingman, Tze Ling Loh
2014    June Andronick, Franz
2015    Kin Jin Ly, Theresia Hall