The club recognises that an aikido practitioner requires a constant dedication, patience, and persistence when practising the art in order to reach a 1st degree black belt (Shodan).

One must continuously explore, experiment, and evolve his/her aiki tecniques as well as the aiki mind and attitude on and off the matt. Reaching a 1st degree black belt is a milestone and at the same time a start to a journey of a more joyful and mature training.

These are the years when people passed their shodan (1st Dan; Black belt) tests:

  • 1989    Opening of the UNSW Aikido club
  • 1992    Anthony Davies
  • 1994    Allen Iu, Petri Kurkaa, Stephen Hafer, Tony Gutierrez, Glen Davison
  • 1997    Gregor Erdmann, Nandya Hermanto, Carlo Santos, Mark Vic, Jason Lim, Roger Pang
  • 1999    Alan Soriano, David Matthews, David Yu,
  • 2002    Adam Archer, James Khoo, Melissa Sommerville, Stuart Hill, Patrick Fong
  • 2003    Angeline Fong
  • 2004    Alex Chan, Stephen Herborn
  • 2005    Dene Olding
  • 2007    Billy Mok, Hermawan Halim, Kim Hickey, Yevgeny Khiefets
  • 2008    Iven Sanchez
  • 2009    Richard Gray
  • 2010    Alexis Berthot, Morgan Derera
  • 2011    Melissa Sim, William Hendarta
  • 2012    Brian Chan, Evelyn Chan, Vidhya Sethu
  • 2013    Radion Ingman, Tze Ling Loh
  • 2014    June Andronick, Franz
  • 2015    Kin Jin Ly, Theresia Hall
  • 2016    Vincent Yeo