Kata                   Shoulder
Kata te               Single hand
Tori                    Grab
Kata te tori          Single hand grab or wrist grab
Ryo te                Two hands (te is hand)
Ryo te tori          Two hand grab
Men                    Side
Sho men             Forward or Front side strike
Yoko men           Side strike
Mune                  Chest
Chuune              Within the centre (not actually a body part, but used interchangeably with mune)
Tsuki                  Thrust
Mune tsuki          Strike to chest  or center
Kubi                    Neck
Te kubi               Te is hand. Therefore Te kubi is the hand of your neck aka wrist.
Kubishime           Neck choke
Shiho Nage         4 direction throw
Kokkyu Nage      Breath throw or timing throw (kokkyu means breath in japanese)
Kaiten                 Turn in place
Irimi                     Enter
Tenkan                Turn
Jo                        Stick
Bokken                Sword
Tan Tou               Tan is short. Tou is knife. So it’s a short knife