What are classes times?

Classes are every Tuesdays 8-9.30 pm, Wednesday*  12.30 - 1.30 pm and Saturdays 10.30 - 12pm.
* Wednesday classes will commence in February 2016

Is it only for University of NSW students?

No, it's open to public and UNSW students. Basically anyone who wants to train and learn Aikido.

How do I join?

Simply turn up to any of the above training times, ask for a form and join the class.

How much is the fee?

First class: Free
UNSW students pay $15 per class or $40 per month.
Non-UNSW students pay $25 per class or $70 per month.

Do I need to know aikido or any other martial arts before joining?

No, you don't have to know other martial arts before joining. No expectations, but please train safely.

Are there any other associated costs?

AKA membership is $80 a year.

What to wear during class?

Beginners can wear any loose, comfortable clothing to train in, preferably covering the knees. (e.g. track pants, T-shirt) Uniforms can be purchased later. No belts, watches, jewellery or footwear.

How to get there?

From Sydney airport (Kingsford Smith) - by bus

Catch a 400 Bus (Destination "Bondi") - it will pass through Mascot shops, Maroubra shops, up Anzac Pde, through Kingsford 9-ways roundabout and Kingsford shops, and then past the main entrance of the Uni of NSW, where you get off.

From Sydney Airport - by car

Leave the airport. If you are at the International terminal, get onto Airport Drive, following the signs to the city. Turn left at O'Riordan St. If you are coming from the Domestic terminal, go straight ahead at the roundabout on O'Riordan St. Turn right onto Gardener's Rd - signs saying "Kingsford". Follow right to the end and turn left at the roundabout onto Anzac Pde - "city" signs. The university is the fourth block on the right. Go to the far end and turn right up High St, and look for parking. Entry to the UNSW Unigym car park is from Gate 2 UNSW on High Street.

Coming from the city - by bus

Catch any bus from Elizabeth St in the city that say "via Anzac Pde" - e.g. 392-399, They will go down Oxford St, past Moore Park and the SFS, the SCG, and the Showground, past Alison Rd on the left (the turn-off to Randwick), through Kensington shops, and past the main entrance of UNSW. That's where you get off. Buses from Central with similar numbers and destinations will go to Cleveland St and through Surrey Hills, through Moore Park, and right onto Anzac Pde, near the Showground, then follow the same route. Coming from the city by car

Find your way to Oxford St and Anzac Pde, and follow the bus route. Turn left at High St before the uni if you can (just after the Doncaster Hotel), and then turn right at the first traffic light to Gate 2 UNSW. Follow the sign towards the Unigym and park at the unigym carpark. Otherwise you can go around the block of the uni and park further away.

Once you reach the university

The UniGym building is at the corner of Anzac Pde and High St, and the Gym is the building next to it, going up High Street. If you are coming from the University's main entrance, walk through the gates, turn left, and walk parallel to Anzac Parade (through and between buildings) for about 150 yards. There will be two buildings side by side beyond a car park. The one on the right is the Gym. Alternatively, a direct pedestrian entry to the UNSW Unigym is from High Street after the first bus stop on your right when walking uphill on High Street away from Anzac Parade. There will be a yellow sign: "UNSW Fitness and Aquatic Centre". The Dojo is on the first floor of the Uni Gym, enquire at the reception desk where is the martial arts or archery room(they are both the same). You will need to take the stairs to the first level, take the left door into the gymnastics room, the martial arts/archery room is immediately to the left upon entering the gymnastics room.