Aikido UNSW: Dojo, Facilities, & location

The Dojo

Aikido UNSW is a great place to meet new friends, get fit, and train martial arts in an amazing training space. The dojo floor has been recently rebuilt with quality sprung training mats. It is a large space, with a training area of 160 square metres. The ceilings are nice and high, which is great for swinging weapons overhead. 



The dojo is within the UNSW Fitness and Aquatic Centre and therefor there is a full range of facilities available to us. Changing rooms, toilets, showers are all available, as well as filtered drinking fountains and free lockers. There is a cafe on the ground floor if you need to stock up on coffee or have some after training snacks. And, of course, there is gym equipment.


How to get here

Level 1 Martial Arts/Archery Room
UNSW Fitness and Aquatic Centre
The University of NSW, Kensington NSW

Entry to the carpark is via Gate 2, UNSW on High Street. The University of NSW gym is located near the corner of High Street and Anzac parade.